Sunday, March 24, 2019

Rio Chollin - Natural Hot Spring River

We were talking with a neighbor and he asked us if we had gone to the hot springs here.  We had looked at several hot spring resorts here, but they were kind of expensive and didn't seem worth it.  But he told us about the place that locals go. 

The Rio Chollin runs by the Arenal Volcano.  The volcano heats the water to that point that it is very hot.  Fortunately, other cool streams join up with it so that the water feels like hot bath water. 

Normally, this would sound awful in the Costa Rica heat, but it was cooler and partially rainy while Phil and Nicole and their family were here.  So it was the perfect place to spend the afternoon.

While there, a spider monkey entertained us as it jumped through the trees.

It was nice to relax and spend some time talking with our family.

Savannah liked playing in this cool water spring that joined into the river.  She liked the little fish that would swim up to her.

The spider monkey in the trees:

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