Monday, January 7, 2019

Attending Church in Spanish

Living in a fairly rural area, transportation for a family of five has been challenging.  Actually, it has been just about impossible.  We have ended up going into town with just two or three people at a time.  So church poses an interesting challenge -- we want be there together and need to do it each week.  This prompted our trip into San Jose, primarily to get a rental car.  Since we were already going to be in San Jose, we attended church there.

We arranged for a private transportation company to pick us up at 7:00am so that we could arrive at church in San Jose by 8:00am.  Knowing that we were headed to church, our driver shared many of his own spiritual experiences, his testimony, and gratitude for the blessings in his life.  What a nice way to start off our worship (and also good Spanish practice).

The members of the congregation were very welcoming and the temple next to the chapel was beautiful.  The kids were so brave!  Attending church in another language that they don't know well yet is challenging.  They even did their best to sing the hymns in Spanish.

Really cool shot by Carson

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