Saturday, January 5, 2019

Playing in the River Machuca

Leaf-cutter ants on the trail we took to get to the river. 

We heard there were some good swimming holes on the river next to the community we're living in, so we took a trail and found one. 

Then we took a different trail and found some better waterfalls and swimming holes, and this time we wore our swimsuits. 

This is the main swimming hole we visit every day. 

The water is cool and refreshing after the short hike to get there. Our house doesn't have AC, so we usually go swimming after lunch and we're ready for a cool-down. 

We did see a few White-Faced Capuchin monkeys yesterday on our way down to the river. 

We've been seeing these huge ants all around the rocks by the river. A Golden-Tail Spiny Ant. 

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