Sunday, January 20, 2019

Fried Sweet Plantains - Platanos Maduros

I (Angela) love fried sweet plantains for breakfast. You can't make them with regular bananas, you have to get plantains. They're the green, larger bananas and they're at all markets here. I looked it up online, and you can fry plantains in oil, but you will get very different results depending on whether you use green or ripened plantains. You can find the ripened (yellow) plantains at markets, but it's hard to find ones that are super ripe and beat up, probably cause everyone else is looking for those as well. I did buy some green ones, but they've been sitting on my counter now for like, 2 weeks and they aren't really getting very yellow. I bought some yellow ones and fried those up. They have to be really beat up to turn into the super sweet, mushy plantains. I finally cut up a green one and cut the pieces smaller and thinner, cause I knew they would come out like potatoes, and they did; kind of crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. I salted them and they were a lot like french fries, but you have to eat them right then - they don't keep very well. All you do is heat some vegetable oil in a pan and put the plantains in there, about 3 minutes on each side and that's it. The really ripe ones already have plenty of sweetness.

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