Sunday, January 20, 2019

Neighborhood Animals in La Fortuna

Carson asked how he could earn some money, so I told him if he spotted a sloth near our house and showed it to the family, then he could earn a few dollars.  I didn't really expect to see any, but Carson did it.

While studying in our covered outdoor living room for school, Carson jumps up and says: 'I see a sloth!'  It was a really cute blond colored sloth in a tree about 20' from our house.  It stayed in the trees by our house for a few days.

This week, while at home, we also saw:
6 Keel Billed Toucans
A Two Toed Sloth (we saw it on three separate days)
2 Laughing Falcons (we heard more, but didn't see them)
Lots of Tanagers, Vultures, Egrets, and other birds

Carson's Photos:

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