Monday, January 7, 2019

Room for Five: Hotel La Rosa Del Paseo, San Jose, Costa Rica

Traveling with a family of five is always a challenge.  Restaurant owners look at you with dismay as you enter their busy establishments, taxis and Uber cars are just too small, but hotels provide their own unique challenge.  You never quite fit in just one hotel room, getting two rooms is expensive, but alright when they are adjoined with a private door between them, but that is rarely an option.

Overcoming these obstacles is what parenting is about, right?  In the end, if you have an experience where the children aren't miserable and pestering each other, you have succeeded -- I think...

So, we improvise creative solutions.

Our weekend trip to San Jose, Costa Rica was one of those.  We looked at hotels online without much luck -- either too expensive, too scary, or too many unknowns.  Eventually, we stumbled on an AirBnb that actually looked family-of-five friendly.

Since Costa Rica doesn't really have addresses, you are just guessing where things are.  It isn't uncommon for the address to be 500m west of some landmark.  Then you stumble around that area until you get desperate enough to ask someone, who doesn't know either.  We started several blocks away in a loud busy area where I was dreading finding the hotel.  Fortunately, after stressfully, annoyingly, almost frantically emailing, calling (no answer of course), and searching, we stumbled on the hotel. 

It was beautiful!  The historic mansion built in 1910 by a coffee plantation owner has been immaculately restored and turned into an ornate, yet comfortable boutique hotel.  Best of all, they have several rooms designed specifically for families.  Our room had a king size bed, a twin bed, and bunk beds.  Our entire family fit comfortably in the beautify preserved relic of days passed.

Success -- the kids only slightly pestered each other and all enjoyed the stay.

Elephant towels:

Relaxing on our rooms balcony, that opens to a common central courtyard:

They have a toaster that toasts: 'I {heart} you' into the bread:

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