Sunday, January 20, 2019

Things that are different here

Things that are different here: 
-when you go to a restaurant, usually you just walk in and seat yourself, the server will come to your table when he/she is ready
-no tipping, cause the tip is included at every restaurant
-all US branded products made here have a different flavor
-most if not all stuff in the grocery store is in bags, pretty much no boxes
-in smaller grocery stores, you need help to get meat. An employee takes your order and puts chicken or beef in a plastic bag with a price sticker for checkout, bakery also.
-no self-serve at gas stations! You have to give your credit card to a guy and he pumps for you
-dogs and cats are not social. They keep their distance and do not seem to crave human attention
-no addresses. no mail service (in areas outside of San Jose at least)
-you can walk and ride your bike in the streets here and people just go around you
-if you want to pass a car in front of you, you just do it, you don't have to wait for them to pull over and let you pass.  you can pass anytime you feel it is safe, regardless of lines painted on the road.

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