Saturday, September 27, 2008

Carson Still Potty Training

How do you motivate an unmotivated potty trainee? That discussion has continued for several weeks. We ordered a free 'Pull-Ups' potty training movie; it had some good ideas. Angela also sent an email to the members of the club formerly known as the "Sparks Mom's Club" (that's a story in itself). They had excellent suggestions too.

Armed with our credit card, we raided the kids section of Walmart. We got Pixar 'Cars' movie posters and toy cars, every kind of sticker a little boy could like, glow sticks and some other small toys.

There is now a poster in each of Carson's bathrooms . Just for sitting on the potty, he gets to choose a sticker that he can put on a poster. He loves to see the sticker covered posters and is doing great! The bathroom has become 'his' own place. Additionally, if there are large successes, he gets to choose a toy car or other toy.

Yesterday, we drove quite a bit; so we put him in Pull-Ups. He was able to hold it really well and to use the bathrooms as we went. So he got to choose a toy from our stockpile.

Although I have to add that even though he likes to get the cars as prizes, they don't seem to be the solution in getting him motivated; he's still having accidents. If anything, our instructions are sinking in slowly, very slowly.

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