Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Inevitable Crash

After selling my streetbike (mostly due to safety concerns), I had to take my dirt-bike for a ride.
It was a great ride, with perfect weather, beautiful wild horses and birds, and inevitably (or is it, ironically), there was a crash. I rarely crash, and when I do, it seldom causes injury. I wear full-body motorcycle armor, so I figured it'd be pretty safe.

I hit a rock that sent me crashing into the ground. While I don't know exactly how it happened, I found myself lying on the ground near my motorcycle. After a few seconds, the motorcycle shut off and started leaking gasoline. I figured I'd better pick it up, so it would stop leaking -- but I couldn't get up!

It's a strange feeling, thinking: "I should get up", but then not being able to. After a couple of attempts, ending with me lying on the ground right where I started, I decided I could wait a few moments.

Finally, the pain subsided enough for me to assess my injuries. I figured it was safe to roll over and try to get up again. This time, with considerable pain, I got up.

My left arm was basically unusable and my ribs were aching. Normally, it's tough to pick up a motorcycle; with one arm and a lot of pain, it's a lot tougher. Eventually, I got it up and was back riding. I couldn't get my left arm to the handlebars without picking it up with my other arm. Every bump caused a surge of pain.

After a long and painful ride home, I took a look at the armor. That stuff is amazing! I can tell it took a beating, but it is still very usable and I'm in excellent shape (given the circumstances). My heavy woven-nylon pants had a small tear and gouges in some of the plastic armor. The upper body gear had minor nicks. I think I tore up some muscle in my upper arm / shoulder area and got a few bruises on my ribs and legs. I hardly even lost any blood.

Overall, I give the armor an A+. I never would have come out of the crash so well without it.

Heres the gear that I ride with:
Sidi SRS Crossfire boots
Fox Yamaha 360 racing pants
Fox Yamaha SFS racing jersey
Thor Impact Rig SE
Oakley Crowbar Pro Goggles
Shoei Helmet
(I hope to get an Arai helmet and some knee braces soon)

Here's a picture of the Thor Impact Rig. It keeps cool, doesn't reduce flexibility, and saves you from a beating:

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  1. I'm really glad you didn't catch on fire. Also glad you are OK and that Ang doesn't have to be a single mother. God loves you. :)