Saturday, September 6, 2008

Don't Shoot!

BOOM! BOOM! Around the corner of the brush enshrouded dirt road stood a lone man wielding a loaded shotgun. I slowed, questioning my next step; hoping I had a next step.

I pressed on, directly towards him. Nothing would stop me, not even him; I was committed.

As our determined eyes met, he said it: "Hi". His hunting vest read "Ducks Unlimited".

What was he doing??? He could kill someone. Who knows? One of those shots that I heard could have been aimed at me as he caught his first glimpse of motion through the tall brush.

OK. I admit, this narration over dramatizes the event. But it still was pretty spooky.

Despite the 'incident', the ride was fun. I haven't been on the motorcycle for quite a while; I always look forward to getting out and getting some exercise. The hills and wild horses were gorgeous. There was a light-tan baby horse with a blond mane that look amazing. From the top of one of the hills, I caught a view of the Reno Hot Air Balloon Races. That area of the sky was lit up with colorful balloons.

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