Saturday, September 20, 2008

Galena Creek, Reno, NV

Angela took a much needed movie break this afternoon. So Carson, Tucker and I had a few hours to burn. Tucker has a definite preference for Angela, making 'just the boys' time intimidating.

So what do you do with a busted-up shoulder, cracked ribs, and two young children?

We had no clue. We took off driving with no real destination and found ourselves at Galena Creek Park -- a beautiful pine and juniper forest at the base of the mountains to Lake Tahoe. We hiked to the cool, clear, fresh water creek. The rushing water crashed down the mountain into the boulders in it's bed, filling the air with the soothing comfort Tucker needed to lull him to sleep.

Carson loved our little hike to the stream, so we extended it to the half mile nature trail. Mother Nature filled the air with birds chirping and water roaring. The trail lead us through moderately steep rocky ascents, giving Carson the challenge that he needed. As we continued, the serenity was destroyed by a nearby house, too occupied with an outdoor party to realize that the music was way too loud -- how irritating!

Carson loved the adventure and Tucker seemed to enjoy the change. Maybe 'just the boys' time will be a little less intimidating next time.

All of that and we arrived home before Angela's movie had ended. Reno definitely has its perks.

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