Monday, September 1, 2008

Staycation Day 3 -- Virginia City, NV

* Visit St. Mary's of the Mountains Catholic church
* Ride the Truckee & Virginia Train
* Tour the Virginia City -- watch the Labor Day parade
* Relax at home

Kids change you in so many ways. With Tucker and Carson, our family wakes up early. Virginia City was just waking up as we arrived. Fortunately, the Catholic church was open. It is gorgeous inside. We sat in a pew for a few minutes to take it in. Carson was so excited when he first saw the 'Castle'. Its classic Gothic architecture is amazing -- almost startling in this semi-run-down historic mining town.

Just a short walk down the road is the Virginia & Truckee Railroad station. As Carson sees it, trains are second only to cars. He loves them and knows all of the 'Thomas the Train' characters by name. As the train pulled into the station, Carson jumped up and down exlaiming: "It's coming! It's coming!" He absolutely loved the ride.

After the ride, we enjoyed a good lunch and the Virginia City Labor Day Parade. They put on quite a show. The civil war re-enactment was a really interesting touch. You forget that Virginia City was booming at that point and that Nevada played a role in the civil war.

We finished off our stay with some shopping and lots of sweets from Grandma's Fudge Shop (apparently, Grandma likes to listen to heavy metal music).

Our day closed with 'Nim's Island' on our home theater; the movie wasn't very impressive, but a relaxing end to a nice day.

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