Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Staycation Day 4 -- Callahan Park and Thomas Creek, Reno, NV

* Callahan Park
* Thomas Creek
* Claim Jumper Restaurant

Lessons learned on our staycation:
* It's possible to have a relaxing time with a three year old and 1 month old
* The Reno / Sparks area is full of picturesque destinations
* With a little planning, staying around the Reno / Sparks area can be at least as relaxing as a conventional vacation
* Kids' meals are better than adults meals

These lessons really became apparent as we arrived at Callahan Park in the Galena Forest. It is a gorgeous park on the fringe of town, nestled in the trees with an ice cold mountain stream running through. The emerald green grass fields with pine-shaded benches provide an ideal view of the play equipment.

Why don't all parks have Merry-Go-Rounds? I haven't been on one in ages. We all loved spinning around on it. Even Tucker calmed down a while he was on it.

Although we live in a desert, there are a surprising amount of streams and lakes nearby. Just down the road from Callahan Park (and Galena Creek) is Thomas Creek. It is another great getaway. Carson and I did some 'mountain biking' in the dirt parking lot next to the shaded stream.

We finished off our staycation eating at Claim Jumper. The food was excellent, but we saved some room so that we could turn this monstrous eclair:

Into this:

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  1. Hooray for you guys. Now I have a few good places to go with the girls! Thanks for all the great ideas!