Saturday, September 13, 2008

Carson's Pirate Ship

After my dirt-bike crash, I wasn't sure if I would be able to work with Carson on the Lowe's Kids Workshop project. He convinced me otherwise.

Carson and I arrived at Lowe's a little too late; they were already cleaning up. Fortunately, they gave us a kit to build at home. Since they had already given him his very own tiny kid's hammer, he was all set to build a pirate ship.

He is getting better and better at building things. This project took no time at all and looks really good. He's looking forward to bath time with it.


  1. OK. I'm very very curious as to what time you arrived. We came at 10:40 AM (And in the paper they advertise 10 to 11 AM). No one at customer service could help us, we waited 17 minutes until they told us to go upstairs. To which the guy says, "It ends when it ends." Um no thank you false advertisement. He gave us the kit, but I was peeved. Talk about a symbolic skull patch for the day.

    And I'm really sure you love the book I wrote you. :) Sorry! Had to share though.

  2. WHOA! That's scary Keith! I'm really glad you're smart enough to wear good gear while you ride. Are you able to work and everything now? I mean, is there any aftermath you're dealing with? I do intend to call and ask more about it, but Angela has said it's easier these days to communicate via email, so I thought I'd drop a line here. I hope everything is healing well and you guys have all the help you need.

  3. Carson, that is a GREAT pirate ship. I'd love to come watch you build some stuff sometime soon!