Friday, February 1, 2019

Casa los Cielos, San Jose, Costa Rica

As January came to a close, we reluctantly had to say farewell to our home in La Fortuna.  We had enjoyed the house, the birds and animals, the amazing volcanos, national parks, and the beaches we visited.  We wished our wild pets (Duermito the sloth, Dueño the cat, and Diego the gecko) adieu and drove away.

On the drive to San Jose, we saw two Montezuma birds and two blue Morpho butterflies.

Our new house in San Jose, known as Casa los Cielos, was beautiful as we pulled up.  We were stunned by the forested yard and the view of the city.

This dining table is one solid piece of wood about 12 feet x 4 feet.  It is huge.

The master bedroom:

Several horses welcomed us to our new home.  They were very friendly.

It actually gets pretty cold here at night, so the fireplace was warm and cozy.

There is a spectacular view of San Jose in the distance.

A large beetle (maybe 1.5") that was crossing the road to our house.

This moth was alive, but it let Savannah pick it up and hold it for a while.

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