Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Gated In

As we pulled up to church on Sunday, there was a narrow, steep, gated driveway with tall walls on both sides.  The gate was open as we entered and we found only four parking spots to accommodate the entire congregation.  Surprisingly, one of them was available for us.  Apparently, very few people drive to church.  

As we were leaving, we noticed that the gate was closed.  We hoped and assumed that it would automatically open as we approached it, but no.  So we got closer, then even closer, until we were just about hitting the gate.  That's when the realization hit -- we would have to back up the very steep, narrow, walled driveway, and not let the car roll forward as we began to backup the steep hill.

With cautious use of the emergency brake and the family watching both sides to ensure we didn't hit the walls surrounding the driveway, we backed up.  Then checked the perimeter of the property for another way out -- nothing.  So I went into the church and using the best Spanish I could manage, started asking people how to get out.  I found someone that could help -- he actually had a remote.  Apparently, only certain individuals have remotes to open and close the gate of the church.

Something as trivial as leaving a parking lot can sure be challenging!

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