Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos, Costa Rica

This was a super busy national park. We booked a guide, who picked us up at our house, drove us there, and helped us get through the crowds to get tickets. We got up early and got there when it opened, and it was still very crowded. 

Our guide had a telescope and would focus his scope and let us look at a close-up view of sloths and birds and monkeys

huge grasshopper

Blue Morpho butterflies in both pictures (above and below)

One side of Manuel Antonio National Park is right on the ocean, and there is a couple of nice secluded coves to swim in. You can bring swim gear into the park and some of us went swimming after our hike. 

There were live sand dollars on the beach. 

There were lots of capuchin monkeys hanging around in the trees right on the beach, probably hoping to get some food from the beachgoers. 

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