Saturday, February 16, 2019

Going back to La Fortuna and Volcan Arenal

In La Fortuna, playing around with fallen palm fronds.

Getting a picture of the volcano.

We stayed a couple nights at the same house we rented in January. 

We went to CaƱo Negro and the Rio Frio near the border of Nicaragua to go on a river tour. 

A turtle and a northern Jacana.

three-toed sloth who turned his face towards our telescope for a nice picture.

two caimans in the grass

long-nosed bats hiding out on this branch sticking out of the water

Emerald Basilisk

 lots of large iguanas in the trees and on the shore


little blue heron

Tucker found this little frog sitting on the side of our raft.

then he sat on Carson's jacket until we got to shore.

clear view of the top of the volcano

Dinner at Rana Roja Restaurant, the 'best grill' in La Fortuna

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